How to Get Dog Smell Out Of Carpet and Have an Odor-Free Home

Is might sound clichéd when we say dogs are a man’s friend.  You might love your best friend dearly, but, there is no way you are going to say that you are ready to live with the odor your best friend has left on your expensive carpets!  Inasmuch as you are fond of your pet, you will no doubt cringe with embarrassment when visitors to your home snort with disapproval at your smelly carpets.

There is no need to worry now in 2015 either.  There are ways to keep a pet at home and have odor-free carpets too.  We do not live in an age where our dogs are going to stay outside our house, bark at strangers and are never allowed to walk freely inside the house.  These days, we like to cuddle them, have them by our side while watching TV, allow them on our beds, and take them out on long trips and sometimes to our favorite eating joints too.  All this will undoubtedly lead to most of our furnishings, carrying the distinct odor of our best friend!  At the same time, there is no way you will let the odor linger in your home if you are also keen on enjoying the company of human visitors to your home.

  • Dog smell might hurt your nose badly, but, making your carpet totally stench-free is by no means a mountain to climb!  At the outset, collect all the cleaning supplies you have at home before embarking on the task of eliminating the odor.  There are many pet odor removers sold at pet supply stores, but, generally speaking, home remedies also do a good job of removing the stink.  Also, there is no harm in trying the cleaning agents that you normally use for cleaning your couches and cushions either.
  • Make your own cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water.  If there is any urine smell in the carpet, vinegar helps to get rid of the ammonia smell of urine without fading the carpet fibers.  Sprinkle the solution on the carpet so that the solution reaches the lower fibers also.  Leave it for some time to act on the urine smell and then soak up the solution using paper towels.
  • It will be several hours before the carpet is fully dry.  Next, sprinkle baking soda generously all over the carpet and spread the soda evenly using a cleaning brush.  Leave it that way overnight so that the baking soda absorbs the odor completely.
  • Next morning, vacuum the carpet thoroughly so that all traces of the baking soda are removed.  This process helps to remove the dog smell to a large extent, but, if you are not happy, you may hire a carpet cleaning machine for the task.  Or better still, you may summon a professional cleaning company to carry out an efficient dog smell removal work and make your carpet look as good as new.

Lastly, if you want to try a perfumed product to neutralize the dog smell, please make sure that it is non-toxic to your pet.  All products that are safe for us may not be so for the pets.  Some air fresheners, scented oils or plug-in odor removers can be harmful to your pet’s health. We live in an advanced age in 2015. Hence, if you are in doubt about how to get dog smell out of carpet, it is always safe to follow tried and tested methods!


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