Health and Dirty Carpets

Keeping the carpets in your home clean may be more important than you think. It is not just about the sight and the smell, they will affect your well being  and health.

If you have carpets in your home you will know that they have a tendency to get dirty. They will literally suck up all the dirt in the home, and store it in the fibers of the carpet. And that is tougher to get out than you think. You can use a vacuum cleaner, but this will only remove dust. You can use a stain remover, but this will only remove the stain.

How does a dirty carpet affect you?

This is something that not many people know, but a dirty carpet has a negative effect on the health of everybody in the home, especially so on the young children since they are more vulnerable.

A dirty carpet can pollute the air in your home and cause problems like: headache, sinus, cough, tiredness and running eyes.

The carpet can trap not only dirt and grime but also mold, which can be especially harmful to your health.

This is the reason why it is so important that you clean your carpets regularly.

How do you clean the carpets?

So what is the best way to clean your carpets? Now you could use a cleaning spray on your spots, and that is fine, the spot will be removed for the naked eye. But it is still there in the fibers. And it may still be causing health issues.

What you need to do to really get rid of every trace is to deep clean the carpet. By using hot water and a cleaning solution, you can extract all the grime from the fibers of the carpet and make it really clean.


So how do you maintain the luster of your carpet and at the same time keep it clean at all times? The best way is to purchase a carpet shampooer and cleaner. If you just rent a cleaner every time you have a problem you will probably not be able to clean your carpets often enough to keep them at optimum level.

By buying you own you can bring it out every time you need it and also when you feel you need to give the carpet an nice make over.  This way your carpet will last longer and you can breathe better air all the time.

There are good options available for only a little over a hundred bucks, and they clean efficiently. If you have difficult stains on a regular basis you can instead purchase a high end carpet shampooer that is extremely effective at removing stains from the carpet.




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